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Who is Naked?

“I just opened my first Retail Location in Downtown San Diego, Ca.  I happened to be spending some time on site, which for an operator was very rare and extremely risky.  I was sitting in the back office when my manager came back and told me there was a patient that wanted to speak with me.  Now, my policy is to try to stay away from the store, this way I don’t have to deal with these kind of problems, so it took a good several minutes of persuasion to get me to go speak with this particular patient.  Once I finally made my way out what I saw next was an image forever instilled in my mind.  Something you just don’t see in real life, something you wouldn’t even believe it was true if you didn’t see it with your own eyes.  There stood a man right in front of me, but this wasn’t an ordinary man.  This was a wounded solider.  A wounded solider who had half of his head blown off in war.  Take a second and think about what I am telling you.  A man with half a head.

As I stood there I couldn’t help but for my thoughts to wonder for a glimpse of horrifying images that were jumping into my head.  What does this man want with me?  Then, as he reached his hand out, I came back to it and began to reach with a smile.  As I stood there shaking this veterans hand and listening to the words coming out of his mouth, the hairs on my skin began to rise, the butterflies in my stomach started to dance, and it was as if time was standing still for a moment and only us two existed.

“I just wanted to thank you… Half my head got shot off in the war… I shit myself every day, the pain is something I can’t describe…. Thank you for helping me get through the day.”

Right then it changed for me.  I realized I was on a mission, I had a talent, that I could help, that I could heal.  Since this day I have carried this moment with me on my constant, selflessness, purist to heal.  My journey has not been easy by any means.  Despite constant battles, uphill roads, and even natural disasters destroying everything I had, I am still here, lead by my passion to heal.

Today I still think about that man, not sure where he is or if he’s even still alive.  I thank him for his service for our freedoms and his service in reminding me of who I am.”

-Garett Michaels, Founder


 To provide SELFLESSNESS guidance on your journey to FEEL GOOD, while pursing our PASSION TO HEAL by providing the HIGHEST QUALITY, BEST TASTING, CLEANEST, PUREST, SAFEST CBD products on the planet. FEEL GOOD BE HAPPY.

Our Promise

Naked will always put you first. We only use the highest quality, organic, all natural, pesticide free, 3rd party tested materials in each and every one of our products we hand make for you. We create all these products in-house so that we can control the entire process guaranteeing you the Cleanest, Purest, Best Tasting CBD products on the planet.

Our Commitment

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