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    What Kind of CBD Oil is Right for Dogs?

    CBD has gained some popularity over the past few years and many people use it on a regular basis for everyday ailments or larger medical conditions. Some even use CBD for their pets, such as their dogs. Dogs, like humans, may have everyday health ailments or larger medical conditions that CBD can be useful for. However, given...

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    The Ultimate Guide to CBD Dosing

    Throughout this blog, you can learn a lot of useful topics about CBD: the science behind it, how it differs from THC, its legality, etc.  We feel that a user of any natural medicinal aid should be well-versed in it from top to bottom.  Yet, it’s hard to have the best experience with any form of CBD...

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    CBD vs. THC

    It’s the battle of the abbreviations today at Natural Remedy Arena.  Today we’ll find out how CBD and THC differ from one another, since that’s a huge source of curiosity when people consider whether or not to try CBD. Sometimes, rumors that people hear about CBD may be true of THC, though they may be true of...

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    Does CBD Get You High?

    Does CBD Get You High? There’s a new kid on the block: CBD.  You’ve seen signs around town exclaiming that it’s available. As far as you can tell, some derivative of cannabis.  There are gummy worms made of it.  The people buying it seem like “getting high” people. So, does CBD get you high? Is that the secret? Well,...

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    What are the health benefits of CBD?

    CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a type of Cannabinoid.  Cannabinoids naturally occur in our systems, and as such, CBD is generally classified as a dietary supplement.  However, many people think of it slightly more as a medication.  The benefits of CBD might be a bit wider-ranger than you’ve heard up to this point.  This post will explore...

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