What You Need To Know About CBD Isolate

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Article #1: What You Need To Know About CBD Isolate 


CBD products have become very popular and many people choose to use it regularly. Some choose to use CBD for everyday ailments such as for their insomnia, anxiety or their chronic pain. There is a range of different ailments that people actively choose to use CBD for. However, there are a few different types of CBD that one can choose to use. These are Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD. Not everyone knows which to use for their symptoms, which is why we wanted to write this article on one of the three: CBD Isolate. With our goal of helping to educate you on CBD Isolate, we want to ensure that you know what it is, why it is different than the other kinds of CBD and whether taking CBD Isolate will fit into your daily lifestyle. By understanding more about this kind of CBD, we hope that you will have better knowledge and understanding of whether these types of products are ones you might want to purchase for your everyday ailments or larger medical conditions. Keep on reading if you are interested in learning more about CBD Isolate!


The Importance of CBD


First, let’s dive deep into CBD so you can understand the importance of using it. Well, Cannabidiol, otherwise abbreviated as CBD, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It can be extracted from the leaves, flowers, and sometimes stems of either marijuana or hemp. CBD comes from two different plant sources and so you must understand the difference between them and how THC comes into play.


So, how can CBD work for your body? Well, to understand how CBD can work, it is important to understand the body’s endocannabinoid system or the ECS. The ECS can be understood as a network of receptors that helps power your immune system and regulate your hormones. When you use CBD, the cannabinoids will enter your body and they can bind to various receptors to activate them to produce certain effects, such as reducing anxiety or chronic pain and inflammation.



If you have been searching the marketplace for CBD products to purchase, you have probably come across a label on those products explaining what kind of CBD the product is. These labels are telling you the kind of cannabinoid content you should expect to receive your product. While three different kinds of CBD can be on that label, the one we are going to dive into today is CBD Isolate. The other kinds that you might have seen on the label are broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD. You can read more in our article comparing the three kinds here. (Link to article about the three kinds of CBD spectrum here).



To understand what CBD Isolate is, you first need to understand all the Cannabidiols that can be found in Cannabis. CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids. This essentially means that it is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant. While CBD and its psychoactive counterpart, THC, are found in high quantities and are the most well-known, there are plenty of other cannabinoids you might want to know about. Each cannabinoid has different effects on the body, and it is thought that combining the various cannabinoids can lead to a strengthened effect on the body, which many do not realize. The cannabinoid spectrum range contained within a product is what determines whether the product is Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or CBD Isolate, which is so important. To create a CBD product, the cannabinoid content is extracted from the Cannabis plant, using methods such as CO2 extraction. During this process, other compounds found within the plant are extracted such as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. Depending on the strain and extraction method, the profile of the cannabinoids will differ. Depending on the purpose of the end-product, each company creating these CBD products will choose to extract from a strain of Cannabis that best suits their needs for their business and their consumer. Once extracted, the company creating the end-product can then choose to refine the extract to contain only specific cannabinoids. The contents of the refined extract are what determines if the CBD extract is CBD Isolate.


What is CBD Isolate?

Now, let’s get into what CBD Isolate is. CBD Isolate is CBD isolated from all other cannabinoids. If you are one who is looking for CBD exclusively, then this type of CBD is probably for you. This kind of CBD is typically the CBD product of choice for those who are sensitive to other cannabinoids such as THC.


During the extraction process for CBD Isolate, everything contained in the plant matter is removed, including any traces of THC, terpenes, waxes, oils, chlorophyll and more leaving only pure CBD. Once the CBD is extracted from the plant, it must purify for some time, with the chemical compounds needed to create CBD Isolate filtrated out of the cannabis that’s extracted from the plant.


Once the CBD is filtered out, the CBD oil removed from the cannabis plant goes through one last process, called winterization, where any remaining plant particles are removed from the CBD oil. Winterization is the process for chilling chemical compounds, which is needed to extract impurities from the CBD. With CBD Isolate, the winterization process takes away any waxes or other unneeded components (like terpenes, chlorophyll and/or flavonoids) remaining in the CBD. Once that process is complete, the company or manufacturer creating the product is left with pure CBD powder, which has no levels of THC and is at a level that is almost 100% pure cannabidiol.


By the end, the CBD manufacturers will have the option to either produce CBD Isolate as a pure powder or turn it into a crystal isolate. The primary difference in that scenario how the end-user will ultimately ingest the CBD Isolate, which is based on what the company’s consumers want and need.


So, as a consumer, you’re probably wondering how you can consume CBD Isolate! Well, we’re sharing how you can below.



You can take CBD Isolate as a powder. Many manufacturers mix CBD Isolate into edible gummies, they put it into creams that you can rub into your skin such as a lotion or scrub, and they offer it as a powder so it can be ingested under the tongue for the most direct (and fastest) results. If you have wanted to vape CBD, this would be a similar scenario as the results will come faster than other methods.



You can take CBD Isolate as a crystal. Crystals can also be digested as an edible but they can also be taken via a vaping pipe, liquids or ingested under the tongue. This is another fast and effective way for consumer CBD. If you want to get results fast, this may be a method that you want to use.


When you are looking at isolate, it’s very important to verify the purity. While many are in the range with no identifiable amounts of THC, there are lower purity options that may still have amounts that will show up in a lab test, thus defeating the whole purpose of using CBD Isolate. Many use CBD because there is no THC present. This small percentage of THC is usually insignificant, but it is still something you want to know when seeking the purest CBD Isolate out there on the market.


How to Use CBD Isolate


In general, taking CBD Isolate as a powder directly under the tongue is both the easiest and the most effective way of taking CBD Isolate. The treatment is odorless and tasteless, although many users do mix it with liquids and even food when they ingest CBD Isolate. But, you’re probably wondering, how can I mix it in my daily routine? Well, we’ve listed the different ways you can below.


The first thing to note is that placing CBD isolate powder directly under your tongue is the easiest way to use isolate, as you would assume. You would typically hold the isolate there for about 60 seconds and then, the CBD will be delivered to your bloodstream through the mucous membranes to provide the relief you desire, whether that is for your insomnia, chronic pain or anxiety, or something else that you have decided to use your CBD products for. However, you can also add your CBD Isolate to other products that you use throughout your day, which we will now dive into.


By now, we all should know about CBD oil. So, how do you use your CBD Isolate and turn it into a CBD oil? Well, you can infuse your CBD Isolate into a carrier oil such as grapeseed or olive oil and you can create your own CBD oil that measures precisely. Then, you can take this CBD oil that you have created for your desired effects. Now, you are probably wondering why you wouldn’t just purchase your own CBD oil from the market. Well, you are creating your own CBD oil out of your CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate is pure CBD, thus it will not have any THC content or other cannabinoids, which is what makes this unique. This is great if you are wanting to make it into an oil to place a few drops under your tongue with a tincture.


If you are wanting to add your CBD Isolate to a recipe you are making, you can do so with the CBD Isolate Oil. If you choose to use this oil to cook or bake with, you want to keep in mind that CBD does lose its potency at higher temperatures. So, you want to make sure that when you are cooking with your CBD Isolate oil, you do it at less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure you do not go beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as CBD Isolate is heated any higher than that, it will lose most of the benefits you are taking it for.


Now, you can also choose to use your CBD Isolate in your skincare routine. If you have a daily skincare oil that you use, you can add your CBD Isolate to it to earn the benefits. Now, you can use this in an oil that you apply on your skin if you are looking to help with sore muscles or to ease inflammation and joint pain. Chronic pain is common for this, as that is a medical ailment many choose to use CBD for. One of the best ways to do this is to use a base of coconut oil to conjoin with your CBD Isolate. You might have also thought of using CBD Isolate for your skincare items and many will do this by adding their CBD Isolate to their facial and spa items that they can easily add their CBD Isolate to.


Now that we’ve discussed recipes and skincare, there is even more that you can do with it that we want to share! Well, you can add it to your morning routine by adding it to your morning juice or smoothie. Simply add it to a glass of juice or to your morning green smoothie to earn the benefits as you start your day. It will blend perfectly with your liquid, and so offering an extra boost of benefits to an already healthy way to start the day. Now.. if juice or smoothies aren’t your things, CBD isolate will work just as good when mixed with your morning cup of coffee or tea. If you need your morning caffeine, this will be the perfect fit to get your boost of caffeine and enjoy the benefits of your CBD Isolate.


You can see by now that there are probably so many other ways you can add your CBD Isolate into your daily routine! It’s simply figuring out what way will work best for you and your lifestyle.


Is there THC in CBD Isolate?


You must know that you can’t get high on CBD Isolate, as it contains no THC. When many people think about CBD, they immediately think about how they could get that high feeling that CBD can offer. They are talking about THC. THC is not present in CBD Isolate, as CBD Isolate is intended and manufactured to be isolated CBD.


However, when there is THC present, THC acts similar to the cannabinoid chemicals made naturally by the body. Cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in certain areas of the brain associated with certain functions such as thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination and time perception. When you consume THC, it attaches to these receptors and activates them. When it does this, a person’s relative functions such as memory, pleasure, movements, thinking, concentration, coordination, and any sensory or time perception are affected.


It’s worth checking the package or bottle and make sure there is no THC in the CBD Isolate products you are looking to purchase. Calculating the dosage levels with CBD Isolate is also easy to do. Any small scale you have lying around your house can do the trick – since the Isolate is separated from other cannabis chemical compounds, measuring the dosage in milligrams gives you the exact amount of CBD you need, per the package directions. As we have recommended in other articles, we do think you should consult your doctor regarding your dosage amount on what will work best for your body. Additionally, it’s always best to start with a low dose of CBD Isolate and to take it from there.


It’s also important to note that CBD Isolate is much less expensive than other forms of commercial cannabinoids, such as CBD tinctures or oils, topical products, and edibles. You can get your own CBD Isolate and create your products just by adding it to your daily routine, as we discussed.


All in all, we know that you now know that CBD is very popular and by now, you should know if CBD Isolate is the right fit for you. Whether you are choosing to use CBD for your everyday ailments or larger medical conditions such as for your insomnia, anxiety or chronic pain, you should know if CBD Isolate is a good fit for you, for your symptoms and your lifestyle. If you do not feel that CBD Isolate is a good fit for you and your lifestyle, there are also full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products on the market that you can purchase and use in your everyday life. We hope this article helped to educate you on whether this specific kind of CBD would be right for you. If you have any questions about CBD Isolate or what might be right for you, you can contact us here! 


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