How To Cook With CBD?

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You might already know that using CBD is very popular with many people these days. However, with the minimal information about how you can use CBD and what the health benefits are, you must educate yourself so you know of the many ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine (link to daily routine article). While everyone chooses different ways to use CBD, one of the most popular methods to use CBD is by cooking or baking.


There are so many different ways you can use CBD in your cooking routine. However, it can be hard to know how CBD will react to different ingredients and cooking methods. Even more, you want to be able to enjoy the recipes you are creating and you want the benefits to be well worth it. Not knowing what best ways are to incorporate CBD into your cooking routine is one reason many don’t take action.


Given that there are so many different ways you can incorporate CBD into your cooking routine, it’s important to have the proper knowledge on how to effectively use CBD in each recipe. In this article, we are sharing some of the reasons why you should use CBD in your cooking routine, the basis of cooking with CBD, the different style recipes you could use CBD in and lastly, some of our favorite CBD recipe ideas.


Why Should You Use CBD?


You might be wondering why you should even use CBD and what the benefits even are. Well, CBD has many health benefits, which is why many people choose to incorporate it in their everyday routines such as in the morning, the evening, with their supplementary routine or through cooking.


Some of the common everyday ailments people choose to use CBD may include anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. However, it is important to acknowledge that CBD cannot cure every health issue, despite what you may see online and hear from others who have used it. However, it may help with certain types of ailments and larger medical conditions, depending on what it is. In those cases, we do recommend consulting with your doctor to determine what will work best for you.


On the other hand, it is important to acknowledge that CBD does offer many health benefits that can improve your everyday life. This is why many choose to use it in their everyday routines, such as when they are cooking their meals or preparing their snacks for the week. Given that CBD may be a newer concept to you, taking the time to learn and understand how you can incorporate it in your snacks or meals will help show you how you can easily add it into your daily routine!


The Basics of Cooking With CBD


Before we get into some recipe and snack ideas, it’s important to acknowledge the common facts about using CBD with your food. Food is a very easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, especially if you find that you love sweets or if you’re a big cook! If you are the type of person that carries snacks around in your purse, keeps them hidden in your desk, or if you find yourself preparing your meals for the week, this could be an extremely easy way to incorporate CBD into your life. Even if you are not a big cook, learning how to incorporate CBD into recipes may help you discover some new and easy recipes you can prepare.


When it comes to food, the first important thing to consider is CBD edibles, which is a common term when referring to pot or marijuana. CBD edibles are very easy to make or you can buy them pre-made. Both are effective ways to consume and earn the benefits of your CBD products. Now, an example of this would be that you could make some delicious brownies or chocolate chip cookies with CBD oil in them or you could buy a CBD-infused dark chocolate bar from the store for an easy treat on the go, keeping in mind that these are both very sweet options.


Sweets are an extremely easy way to incorporate CBD into your cooking routine, especially if you are finding it tough to figure out how to incorporate CBD into your everyday cooking routine. As previously noted with food, CBD does take a bit more time to take effect while other alternative options might take effect much faster. This is something you will want to note if you are looking to reap the effects immediately.


Incorporating CBD into your everyday meals is also a great way to add it into your daily routine, especially if you find it hard to consistently remember to use it. As many already know and as we hinted above, baking with CBD tends to be a popular way to cook with because of the sweetness of the sugary ingredients. Those ingredients tend to mask the somewhat bitter taste of some CBD products on the market. However, there are many other ways that you can add CBD to your nightly meals and not taste the bitter taste, especially if they are more on the savory side and full of bursting flavors. You can create any type of recipe – savory or sweet – and use CBD.



With all of this in mind, there are a few things you should remember as you are beginning to cook with your CBD products.


  1. You want to do your best not to cook your CBD oil over direct heat. When you are cooking, warming the oil can help to increase its effectiveness. However, if you heat the CBD oil too high, it can cause it to lose terpenes, volatile compounds that work alongside the CBD to increase its potency. When cooking with CBD, you want to be extremely mindful when it comes to applying heat. This is one reason why many people love using CBD oil as a finishing touch on meals, usually in their sauces. This is mainly because if you heat the CBD oil to a high extent, it can cause the CBD oil to taste unpleasant and very bitter. This can lead the overall flavor of the recipe to taste off and not as enjoyable as it were to be if CBD wasn’t included.


  1. Do not be afraid to use your CBD oil in your sauces and/or garnishes! Make it a priority to do so. Sauces and garnishes are a great way to add CBD to your meal, especially if you find you are cooking something with a strong, savory flavor such as a savory Chinese dish. You might even want to make sure you choose dishes or sauces with intense flavor because it will do a great job of masking the bitter taste of CBD in comparison to those lighter, more bland flavored dishes. Examples of this could be a spicy dish that has a ton of heat or something that is has a lot of seasoning.


  1. You should know that mixing your CBD oil into another ingredient can sometimes be a better option for the flavor, although drizzling the sauce on top of your meal can be fantastic, especially if the flavor is all in the sauce! Our next tip would be to understand that cooking with more refined oils tend to work extremely well. If you choose to cook with less refined oils, you will want to know that they do have a stronger aftertaste. However, as previously noted in this article, it can easily be masked in recipes containing ingredients with strong flavors, like chocolate or other spices.


  1. Make sure you are combining your CBD with fat when you are cooking! Whether you decide to go with something very savory or whether you decide to go for the ultimate sweet dessert, you will want to keep in mind that cannabinoids bind well with fat, so CBD needs to be infused into fat or oil-based ingredient. Some great examples of this would be butter, ghee, or coconut oil. There are so many recipes that use one of those ingredients that it should make cooking with your CBD products way easier! Creating your CBD-infused butter can also help your recipe prep so you have the ingredients all ready to go.


  1. Be mindful of how much CBD you place in your recipes! CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and will not produce any of the “high” associated with THC. However, you should still be careful to dose CBD appropriately so you’re getting your desired effect. Start with a low dose to see how you respond. Remember: less is more, especially when you’re starting. As you begin to use CBD, you will learn what works best with your recipes and for your body.


  1. Make sure to consistently stir your CBD oil when you are incorporating it into your recipe! This is important as you do not want all of your CBD content to be dispersed into one area of the recipe. This is especially important if you are creating a recipe that will be served to multiple people. Stirring in the CBD oil as much as possible ensures that CBD is evenly distributed throughout the batch so that every bite offers equal potency. If the CBD is not dispersed evenly, some parts of the recipe could deliver an intense effect while others could deliver nothing. This is one of the most important things to remember when cooking with CBD.


What Style Snacks and Recipes Should I Create?


As anyone who loves to cook should know, some recipes will have bursts of flavor and others will be more subtle or bland. When it comes to adding CBD to your recipes, you want to be extremely mindful of this because you can taste the bitterness of the CBD if your recipe is not extremely savory and flavorful. It is also important to keep in mind that if you are a baker, you should take advantage of that! CBD is excellent in sweet recipes such as brownies, cookies or even a cheesecake. This is because of the heavy sugar and sweet ingredients in these types of recipes.


When it comes to creating heavier recipes and meals, you want to ensure you are choosing very savory recipes such as something in the arena of Indian food or Chinese food. For example, if you are making a Chinese dish that is full of spices and has some heat, the flavors in this dish may help eliminate the bitter taste of the CBD. On the other hand, if you make a Chinese dish that is lacking those spices and on more of the mild or bland side, you might taste the bitterness a bit more. This is something to note.


Our Favorite CBD Ideas

Now that we have covered the basics of cooking with CBD, we wanted to share some of the different ways you can cook with it. In other words, we are going to provide you with simple recipe ideas that you can make at home! From throwing it into your smoothies and salad dressings to creating butter and desserts, you will find that cooking with CBD oil has never been easier.


  1. You will want to think about adding CBD to your morning smoothies! Morning person or not, adding cannabis for breakfast can be a great way to start your day. Whether you’re a fan of a typical strawberry smoothie or you are open to something greener such as a smoothie with kale and spinach, adding CBD oil to your smoothie is as easy as throwing in a few drops. To add even more benefits to your smoothie, consider other rich ingredients such as blueberries, flax seeds, avocado, or honey. A CBD smoothie can also help boost recovery from your morning workout!
  2. You might want to take some time to create your own CBD-infused butter, to add to all of your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert recipes! CBD-infused butter is a fantastic and easy way to add CBD to any recipe that calls for that ingredient. It also helps cut out the worry on how the CBD is going to make your recipe taste or react. To make CBD-infused butter, simply heat the unsalted butter with low heat, add CBD oil and water, cool and then store in a container when you’re ready to use it. You can use in place of traditional butter in any low-temperature recipe, as CBD works best under low-temperature. You can rub your butter across your morning toast, or drizzle hit over any dish where you would normally use butter.
  3. One of the best ways to cook with CBD oil is to simply add it to pre-made sauces, dressings, and marinades! The reason this is such an excellent way to add CBD to your favorite recipes is it is simply a topping rather than being added as a main ingredient in the recipe. As we have previously mentioned, heating CBD oil too high can cause it to lose terpenes, thus affecting potency and negatively changing the flavor. This makes sauces and dressings the perfect base for adding CBD to your foods, as it does not necessarily need to be placed over direct heat. You can easily spruce up your next salad or make the most of your favorite sandwich with a few drops of CBD into your dressing or sauce.
  4. Who doesn’t love a nice after-dinner treat? Turn your favorite cookie or brownie recipe into a CBD-infused dessert by adding CBD oil to your recipe. To do this, you can use CBD-infused coconut oil, CBD-infused ghee or CBD-infused butter. While butter or coconut oil is a fantastic way to spruce up your favorite recipe, you can also take the easy way out and simply add a few drops of CBD to your recipe. As mentioned, sugary ingredients will help mask the bitter flavor of the CBD oil, which is why adding CBD to your favorite dessert recipe is so popular! This is also something you might want to consider trying if you are still getting comfortable with cooking with CBD products.


By now, we hope this article helped you further understand why using CBD is such a popular thing among so many people. Even more, baking or cooking with CBD is a fantastic way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine and to earn the benefits every day! Even though it can be hard to know how your CBD products will react to the different ingredients and cooking methods, we hope that the article gave you some more information on how you can effectively use CBD in your favorite recipes and we hope it helped provide you with some new ideas on how you can incorporate CBD into your everyday cooking routine.


If you have more questions about using CBD oil in your everyday routine or in your everyday cooking routine, feel free to reach out to us here!

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